Aluminium Joinery

With years of experience in the manufacturing and installation of aluminium joinery we offer repairs and maintenance to a wide range of applications.  Naturally variations come with progress but there is nearly always something that will fit, work and even enhance the life of your aluminium joinery.


We provide professional home improvement consultancy for all of your projects and ideas. At times it may appear certain applications may not be possible, but with ongoing innovations and improvements there may well be a means. Combining your ideas with our technology and expertise will help to ensure both a successful and satisfying outcome for all.


With all products we offer an installation service. Often it is product knowledge and the little things that count. There will always be the DIYs out there but professional installations will usually pay off by negating the need for a call out later on.


Although our products come with warranties, breakages and general wear are often inevitable. In the event your product requires repairing we are able to source the necessary parts and professionally carry out the repair for you. Should you require repairs and servicing for older products or those sourced elsewhere we are able to look into this for you also.